Being Spent for Jesus

And I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls…” 
                                                                                                     2 Corinthians 12:15a

Being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ is not about us having the ability to choose whom we will serve, where we will serve, and for what cause our efforts can further the progress of.  Rather, being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ is about our willingness to put our lives into His hands and letting Him spend our lives has He chooses.
If you are a mother, I do not have to go into a lengthy dialog about how unglamorous and spent your lifestyle is on a day to day basis.  For mothers especially, but also to some degree in every life, each new day brings tasks that harkens no worldly praise, yet in order to serve the needs of those around us they are necessary.  If you are waiting for mankind or even those close to you to stand up and complement you on your efforts you are looking for praise in the wrong place.  Jesus has put you in the situation you are in, He has set your daily tasks before you in the form of serving your family, and He desires for you to be spent for Him the manner He has provided you.  From Him alone you should seek your praise.  And thankfully, from Him alone comes the most rewarding and everlasting praise which is designed to bring joy into your life and a song into your heart.  Comparatively, the world only has empty praise to offer that soon fades away and leaves your life empty and wanting.

As a young mother I used to struggle with the fact that my job never seemed to end.  The laundry and dishes always needed washing, the kids always were constantly needing discipline and training, and there was always a need for something to be cooked or cleaned.  Then, one day in desperation I took a small cube of post-it notes and wrote “TIW” on them, standing for “This Is Worship”.  I instructed my children to place them in various places in the house.  These notes over time became my training tools to teach me many great lessons about my ability to worship God through the tasks He has given me in my home.  Each time I felt like what I was doing did not matter it seemed that God placed one of those post-its in front of me as a reminder that my thinking was not in line with His Word and His calling on my life.  Over time I started feeling less resentment toward my daily tasks.  These reminders became daily vehicles which over time realigned my heart to desiring only the approval God was able to provide and not what the world was unable to give me.

So if today you are feeling spent, first make sure your state has been generated by the Lord’s doing.  If you are wearing yourself down my serving as you would rather serve then where you have been called to serve, then place those things before the Lord and ask Him how you should proceed in each of those areas of your life.  But, if the daily tasks of life that God has purposed for you are wearing you down then seek Him in them and ask Him to enlighten you with His perspective on how He not only sees the greater purpose in tasks you do each day, but also ask Him to share with you how much He appreciates your service to Him – I promise He will show you if you ask.


  1. I really needed this one today! I was ready to have veal for supper tonight! 2 bull calves driving me crazy!


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