God is Beyond Figuring Out

Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!
Romans 11:33

Time spent guessing or fearing what may be around the corner is not time well spent.  When we use our time trying to anticipate God all we really do is find ourselves running around in circles and wasting the precious time we have given to serve Him here on earth and to prepare for the eternity we will spend with Him.  I would almost venture to say that our enemy uses our sinful desire “to know more than we ought” to keep us from resting in our God, who knows and understand everything.

As our verse states today, God is beyond figuring out.  When we find ourselves trying to anticipate where God is taking our lives or what may be around the bend, we need to stop and realize what a fruitless trap we have fallen into.  Yet, what do we do with our human mind that is hard-wired to thrive on the “nexts” of life?  I have come to realize that the truth of God’s Word steers the human mind away from anticipating the “what ifs” and instead moves it towards placing hope in the “what will be” – eternity.  God hard-wired us all of look forward to eternity, not for what may be around the bend.  We have to stop thinking small and understand that even though God works in the small places that His ways reflect the bigger picture of His completed plan.

Think of it this way.  Say you are planning a trip to a wonderfully warm and tropical destination.  (Since winter is here in Minnesota, that type of destination sounds the most appealing to me right now, so we will go with it and continue the illustration.)  OK.  In planning your trip you will probably gather lots of information.  You will check websites for the excursions you plan on taking and request travel brochures so you can read and learn more.  You may even plan out your preparations on a calendar and start some preliminary packing of necessary travel items making sure you have time to buy anything else you may need to bring along that you do not have on hand.   Finally, you may even put a picture of your destination on the refrigerator or on your computer as a screen image to remind you of what you are looking forward to.   Most of your time in preparing for your trip will be spent looking forward to your final destination.  And, even though thoughts of something not working out or something going amiss on your trip may come into your mind, it is the hope of your final destination that keeps you on track in preparing to go.  

 In preparing for heaven, the same process holds.  In our planning we need to be wise of truth, check our guidebook (the bible) and know everything we can about the glorious destination we have awaiting us.  We need to make sure we are equipped with everything that God shows us is on our packing list - your sanctified character that list God keeps out before you.  And we need to make sure the images of our final destination are put in places (in our heart, soul, and mind) so that we can look and remember that heaven is what we are looking forward.  When we do these things our focus stays fixed on the final destination because the hope of what is yet to come overpowers the minor hills and valleys we must travel to complete the packing process.

Yes, the packing is difficult and the wait at times seems unbearable, but as Psalm 42:5 states we are to praise God and rely on His help to support us along the way.  “Why are you cast down, O my soul?  And why are you disquieted within me?   Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance.”  (Psalm 42:5)

So set your sites today on the hope of eternity you have been promised through the gift of Jesus.  Praise God for the continual support and guidance He offers every day, as He makes sure each of us have everything we need packed and ready to go for our final destination – eternity in heaven.  The hills, the valleys, and the unknowns that lie ahead are all in God’s hands, yet the destination remains the same and should be our hope and our delight and the anchor that keeps us focused on our final destination.


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