Seeking, Thirsting, Looking

O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.  So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and Your glory.” Psalm 63:1-2

Psalm 63 was written by David when he was in the wilderness of Judah; a time that is thought to be concurrent with the time Saul was out to destroy David.  Considering the circumstances, the time in which this psalm was written was a very dark and weary time for David.  The light that David shares in this psalm for the dark and weary times of life is therefore a message for us all to take to heart.

To start the psalm David recognizes that God as the one he has chosen to serve and to worship.  Every day is a choice to serve and worship for us just as it was for David.  David made it clear that God was the one he had chosen to give his total allegiance to.  We must also decide who we will pledge our allegiance to through the three tests David lists in the rest of the scripture verses above.

First we have to ask ourselves, do we seek God?  Seeking God takes the form of looking for Him and evidence of His work in the world around us.   This seeking goes beyond looking for God in nature, in the goodness of people, and in the holy experiences of religion.  Instead this seeking is being willing to see God in the ordinary, in the difficult circumstances, in the not so pretty nature of who people are in the light of who He is, and in hoping for new life or new start after all that we hoped in before has been destroyed.  Seeking God in essence goes beyond looking at the pleasant experiences we can get out of life and instead has us looking for the even more rewarding experiences that bring us closer into God’s presence.

Second we have to ask ourselves, do we thirst for God and long for Him?  David states that his thirsting and longing for God comes out of being in a dry place where no water was there to refresh him.   Life often leaves us all in dry places that leave our soul’s thirsty.  How we respond to our thirst is how we chose to fill our lives.  Many things can be temporary fills in those empty places:  entertainment, friends, food, activities, and lots of immoral practices.  But, the only One who can supply the living water our soul needs in those times is God.  Jesus taught the woman at the well that each time a soul is given a worldly watering it will thirst again, but when a soul is given His living water it will never thirst again.  Times that leave us in dry and thirsty places are meant to draw us closer to the living water of Jesus because in Him we will find refreshment no matter how dry or wanting the circumstances around us may tempt us to think refreshment is not possible.

Finally, we have to ask ourselves, do we look for God’s power?  David states he looked for God in the sanctuary, the place where sacrifice, worship and wisdom were brought together in the communion of God’s people.  God’s power does not come out of our good intentions or self-determined actions.  God’s power alone comes from His presence living within us.  The bible teaches our bodies are to be temples for the Lord to reside in and to show His power from.  When a life is in alignment with its temple calling then it becomes a place of sacrifice, worship, and godly wisdom.  Through these outpourings  a believer who has been filled with the Holy Spirit shows the power of God and gives glory to God through living each day as God dictates.

My prayer is that in your dark and weary times God may show Himself to you, quench your thirsty soul, and fill you with His Spirit.  To God be all glory, power, honor, and praise!


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