Trusting in the God Who is All

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.  It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” Psalm 118:8-9

I believe we live in a society that knows too much and trusts too little.  We look for answers to our problems in books, from experts, from searches on the internet, from the confidences of close friends, and from world leaders.  It is usually not until last resort that we turn our questions to God and seek His view and advice about our situation. 

But the truth is, the sources around us that are tangible and seem real to our senses, are most of the time deceptions that Satan has devised to keep us away from God, our One true source for all our needs.  God alone, by His nature, is all we should ever want and need.  The rest of what is around us is to be used with discernment provided by the Holy Spirit so we never step out of sync with God. 

 Below I have listed some of the attributes of God.  Take some time today to ponder these attributes and how God is your source for any present trouble you may be going through.

Attributes of God:
  • He experiences JOY.
  • He is LIFE & the source & CREATOR of all life.
  • He is the SUSTAINER of all creation.
  • He is TRUTH, He is GENUINE.
  • As a "being," God alone is innately IMMORTAL.
  • He is perfectly and completely HOLY (Leviticus 19:1-2; I Peter 1:16), PURE, and RIGHTEOUS.
  • He is the perfect embodiment and being of INTEGRITY.  
  • He possesses an awesome GLORY & is glorious.
  • He is PERSONAL.
  • He is perfect LOVE.
  • He is fully/always and perfectly PURPOSEFUL.
  • He is perfectly BENEVOLENT.
  • He is filled with [and delivering of] MERCY.
  • He possesses a perfect sense and state of GRACE.
  • He is a GOOD God.
  • He has the fundamental attribute of INFINITY.
  • He has the fundamental attribute of ETERNITY.
  • He has the fundamental attribute of FREEDOM/INDEPENDENCE.
  • He possesses perfection in all factors of DISPENSING of anything.
  • He possesses perfection in TIMING of anything.
  • He possesses perfection in EXECUTION of any action.
  • He is perfectly TRUSTWORTHY.
  • He is perfectly FAITHFUL.
  • He possesses COMPASSION & is open to giving perfect FORGIVENESS.
  • He is ultimately SOVEREIGN.
  • He is perfectly, totally, and supremely POWERFUL...OMNIPOTENT.
  • He possesses complete and perfectly accurate OMNISCIENCE.
  • He is OMNIPRESENT...everywhere at all times; He is the PRESENT God.
  • He possesses perfect skill at REDEMPTION, RESTORATION, HEALING, and REGENERATION.
  • He is perfectly and completely PERSISTENT.
  • He possesses and executes perfect WISDOM.
  • He is JUST & possesses the only full and perfect source and sense of JUSTICE and JUDGMENT.
  • He is IMMUTABLE.
  • He is CONSISTENT and perfectly so.  
  • Yet He is DISCERNIBLE.
  • He is the source of SALVATION.
  • He is a JEALOUS (zealous) God.
  • God can GRIEVE  and SUFFER.
  • He can be VENGEANCE SERVING..."Vengeance is mine, sayeth The Lord."
  • He can be DISMISSIVE and will ALLOW bad outcomes.
  • He is perfectly, expertly DECISIVE.
  • God is MAJESTIC.
  • He is AROUSABLE.
  • He is perfectly and fully SUFFICIENT to meet all our needs. 
  • Being JUST and demanding of JUSTICE, He is willing to be ANGRY and WRATHFUL, and PUNISHING...if need be.


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