Who Do You Serve?

…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15

In Joshua’s farewell address to the Israelite nation he pressed them to make a choice on who they would choose to worship.  The Israelite nation responded by saying they chose to serve the Lord.  In rebuke Joshua came back and told them their actions were witnesses against them – they were in every way still worshiping the gods of their fathers while thinking in their minds they were worshiping the Almighty Lord God. 

The easier choice to serve God is in the mind.  We can say we are serving God, and believe we are serving God, but in reality be serving anything but Almighty God.  The litmus test for our true choice is wrapped up in the way we respond to the simple acts of service God puts before us each day.  If God is really the Lord of your life, then anything He may ask of you should be considered as a request to be fulfilled to honor your Lord and King. 

Often times these requests come into our lives in simple forms of service to the people God has put in and around our lives.  And, most of the time these requests are interruptions to our own personal schedules and agendas.  If we grumble and complain every time we are called to these simple acts of service, then the test reveals that the Lord is far from being the lord our hearts.  But, if with each interruption we see a chance to worship and serve the Lord behind the simple act of service, then the test reveals, through each act, the Almighty Lord God is the One we have chosen to serve.

One way I have found to remind myself of this choice to worship is to place little Post-It notes around my house in places I am often asked to do small acts of service (on the dishwasher, washing machine, over the diaper pail, in the car, etc.).  On these notes I put three simple letters, “TIW,” meaning “This Is Worship.”  These notes over the years have been training tools for me, training me to make simple acts of service into acts of worship.  Over time I have found less need for the notes as my all-embracing choice to serve God has gone from my head to my heart.

Each day we are called to make the choice in whom we will serve.  Make the choice today to serve the Almighty Lord God as He would desire for you to serve, through simple acts of worship.  Also, remember that getting to God is not a destination.  Finding God, choosing to worship Him, and living a life devoted to His calling is a journey that requires one step of faith at a time while being able to rest in those steps.  The journey with God is the prize and you will miss out on so much that He has to show you if you don't slow down to see how He is at work around you each day of your journey with Him.


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