Are You Looking for Rest?

Complete relaxation/a peaceful state/contentment/total satisfaction = what our world would call “true rest”, and those definitions are not far off from the Greek definitions the bible gives when referring to rest.
  • Rest = pause/cease of work
  • Rest = rest/relaxation
  • Rest = ceasing from striving
  • Rest = relying upon = resting in someone/something 
 Yet in our world the prescribed means to achieving this type of  rest is very different from what the bible teaches.

Consider this…In the United States we have entire industries, that grows bigger and bigger each year, claiming in one way or another, how you can achieve this state of true rest.  We have….

  • …spas all the way down to bubble bath products which claim they “will melt your troubles away”
  • ….television/movies/video games which offer alternative realities so you can “escape the pressures of the day”
  •  …vacation destinations and theme parks that let you leave your troubles behind and allow you to live like someone else or in a fantasy world for a while 
  •  …books by the truckload on how to create a sanctuary in your home through decorating, painting, furniture arranging, etc.
  • …seminars that promise to give you greater financial freedom so you have more time to rest
  • …retreats that assure you that your time spent away at their center will give you the rest you have been looking for
  • …products like high-tech mattresses that promise you “the best nights rest you’ve ever had”

And the list goes on and on, and grows bigger and broader each year.  So then, if all of these above things are so restful, why is the search in our world for rest becoming more and more desperate?  The reason is because even though we seek rest in many ways we just cannot achieve it by the means the world offers.

The truth that the world does not understand is that Satan has deceived us in to believing a lot of lies regarding where we can find true rest.

This coming week, starting Monday, we are going to look at 5 of these lies and scrutinize them against the lens of truth – the bible.  And, as we dig into scripture and see what God has to say about each of these false beliefs /lies, I pray you will feel more equipped to battle the falsehoods that the world keeps propagating about where true rest is found.

I will be resting away from my computer these next few days, but I look forward to catching you on my blog again on Monday.

God bless,


  1. Thanks Cynthia for taking the time to visit my little site. May God provide you rest and protection after your busy week-end.


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