Earned Death and the Gift of Life

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Sin earns death, but God freely gives life.  The simple truth of that statement sometimes makes the reality of it harder to understand.  In reality all we do out of our own ambition, all that is done in our lives that was not originally initiated by God, is sin.  Do not be fooled that sin is just breaking one of the Ten Commandments.   Rather, sin in its greater biblical definition is any departing from God.  For that we are all guilty.  And, for that we have all earned death.  Meaning, an eternal separation from God.

But, then there is the gift.  A gift we can do nothing to earn because in reality there is nothing good enough we could do to earn it.  A gift that is given freely to all who are willing to accept it, but accept it with hands emptied of all the worthless offerings we have tried in the past to use as bargaining chips to achieve.

Here is where the human spirit must make up its mind.  It must either continue the fruitless struggle of trying harder and harder to achieve righteousness on its own.  Or, it must make the confession that there is nothing it can do and that only God’s gift will be sufficient enough to save it.

Jesus has paid the price for all sin.  It is through His blood and His sacrifice alone that we are able to even consider having the option of eternal life.  Striving for holiness does not happen by trying harder to escape the snare of sin.  Instead, striving for holiness happens by admitting that no matter how hard a person tries, there is no hope in escaping the snare of sin on our own.  And, in that admitting is when you have hands and a heart ready to take the gift that has been held out to you all along by Jesus – eternal life. 


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