Bearing Fruit With Patience

But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.  Luke 8:15

This morning as I was reading the above verse, a word that I seemed to have passed over all these years just jumped out at me.   I guess in my rush to read through this passage, one I have become so familiar with, I was just content in knowing that if I made sure the word of God took root in my life and I provided deep nutrient rich soil that was free of rocks and weeds all would be well for fruit to begin growing in my life.  But then there is that final word in the verse, patience, that caught me by surprise this morning and which I though I would share a few things God laid on my heart as I pondered this new discovery.

I guess living in the fast-paced, easy answer world we live in makes us eager to get results almost immediately after our work of planting is done.  But as a gardener I know that there are many lessons of patience in helping a seed get to the point of full fruit production.  Take for instance the peppers I put into pots almost a month ago.  After planting these seeds it took two complete weeks for me to even start seeing the first hint of anything growing in the soil – it looked as if I was just watering and providing heat to a bunch of pots filled with dirt.  But with the knowledge of a gardener I knew I needed to be patient in waiting on these plants because unlike the flowers my daughter planted, which started to sprout their third day, the peppers seeds were made differently to produce a different fruit and therefore the delay was just part of their natural growing process.

What has been your experience lately in growing and producing spiritual fruit?  Have you been waiting on something God has given you a desire to pray for and move towards, yet nothing seems to be happening?  Does it seem like other people around you are seeing quicker growth in their lives than you are?  Have you ever considered that perhaps the seed which God has planted in your life needs a bit more time to be nurtured and nourished because the fruit He desires to grow in you needs more time than the seeds which are growing in other believers lives around you? 

It is easy to just walk away and give up when you do not see the product of your spiritual gardening efforts, but patience is needed to be willing to make the choice to endure the process of waiting on the Lord and the fruit He desires to grow in your life through the seed He has given you.


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