Bread of Life

“…Jesus said to them, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, Moses did not give you the bread from heaven, but My Father gives you the true bread from heaven.  For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.’”  John 6: 32-33

Today I have the privilege of teaching a bread baking class to a group of young moms.  What a blessing it is to me each time I can share with other women the things that God has imparted to me – yes, even bread baking.   And, since I have been making so much bread and dough to prepare for this class today, my mind in its strange way of functioning has been reflecting on the ways that bread making is similar to the Christian life.  So, I thought this morning I would share with you those thoughts and I hope my ponderings make you think about God’s ability to relate truth through the simplest of things, like making food. 

The List of Ingredients:
Yeast – is the Holy Spirit who works in our lives and gives us bulk and grows us from the inside out
Flour – is our bodies, minds and spirits, who just like the grain offerings from the Jewish tradition, were to be brought forth and dedicated to God to be used for His purposes
Water – is the living water that Jesus alone provides which refreshes and nourishes us on our journey
Oil – is the anointing call and mark of the Lord on our lives, to live for Him and not for the world
Honey – is the sweetness of the gospel which brings grace and forgiveness not because we or anyone else deserves it, but because God chooses to give it freely
Salt – is the enhanced flavor in which our unique testimony showcases the character and love of God to a desperate and hungry world

Then, God the Father:
  • Stirs the ingredients together in just the right proportions
  • Allows the dough to be kneaded by the adversities of life
  • Puts the dough into a container, the Law/His Word, which keeps us molded into the shape He desires so we can take on His likeness and not one of our own choosing
  • Lets the dough rise – a resting time in which the dough waits on the baker to determine the perfect amount of time to wait and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work
  • Heats the dough within the perfect specifications and for the perfect length of time

And what is the job of the bread?  The job of the bread is to allow all of these things to come together and be subject to the baker.  And the result of the process is a sweet smelling aroma (the fruits of the Spirit in our lives) which others, who are hungry and searching, find delight in and are attracted to. 

I hope today you will not only see God and His nature when you eat bread, but also that you will look to see examples of God and how He works through the seemingly simple activities your day today holds.  


  1. I was one of the women you showed how to make bread (and the one who bravely tried to mix the dough - guess I have some work to do :-D). Thank you. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You are an amazing woman and I wish for just half of your abilities. God has blessed you! May you continue to be used by Him and feel His presence. I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Jen. I am sure God will supply more than you need for everything He calls you to do in you life. I guess my life is a living testimony of how God works in that way.

    Sorry to trick you into that tough job of mixing so much dough. You were a great sport!


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