Duck Evangelism, Part 6

“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15-16

Did you ever think that a story about a duck could teach you so much about how to live a life that brings others to Christ?  Verse by verse as we go through Ephesians 5 it becomes more and more clear to me how important living purposefully is if I want my life to reflect the words I profess with my mouth.  Today is no exception in moving us further along a pathway of purpose, so let’s get started.

Here are the underline words from the above verses expanded:
“Walk circumspectly” again brings us back to the concept of bring total preoccupied but when the word circumspectly is added into the mix, the grouping of words signifies a call to holiness and being submissive to the work God does in your life to make you more holy, the process of being sanctified.
“Be wise” means take the time to understand real truth, truth not just learned from the lessons life brings you but also truth applied to your life daily.
“Redeem the time” literally means “to buy up lost time”.  The impression that Paul is leading to is that the season of life is short so don’t waste it
“Days are evil” is directly translated from the Greek meaning each day is filled with “evil influence”, influence that is not of God but rather that which comes from the forces which oppose God

So, in essence if we take another look at verses 15 and 16, here is how we can read it to better understand it:  “See then that you are completely preoccupied in being holy before the Lord making every step a submissive act of obedience to the cleansing process set before you, not focusing on the ways of the world but rather focusing on real truth, life is too short to waste on things that are not eternal because everything that surrounds you is of evil influence to you and is fighting against the truth you are seeking to live out.”

Again we are going to turn to our duck story to gain some clarification and then dive into the applications we each can take away from these verses.  For our duck, her time in the pond was to be spent on activities that lead to her becoming a better duck:  learning lessons, applying those lessons, exploring the pond, and getting to know the Big Daddy duck as well as she could.  In the end these activities she was taking part in were all part of the Big Daddy’s duck plan to make her more wise.  And not only was she to do these activities, but she was to do them with vigor because her time was short.  Did you know the average life span of a duck is about 5,500 days?  Finally, she was to realize that everything outside the pond had an evil influence, it was only in staying in the pond that she was influenced by truth and not the lies that lurked beyond the pond’s edge.

Very eye opening isn’t it?  For each of us the applications are very transferrable.  As Christians, we need to make sure that the lessons we are learning are based on truth and come from God and not the outside world.  We need to be sanctified by truth alone.  We have to make a choice to not turn to the latest self-help book or quick worldly answer in helping us gain better control of our lives.  Instead we need to realize that the bible is truth and the Holy Spirit is the only One who can work in our lives to make real and lasting changes in us.  Additionally, as a human our days are numbers also, some more so than others but the average human life span is about 30,000 days.  Therefore all of our energies should be put into living as God desires us to live and being wise in everything we chose to do.

Today as you contemplate the lessons God is teaching you, the things you are letting influence the way you are perceiving those lessons, and your reactions to the hardships those lessons bring remember everything you experience is meant to make you more holy in the eyes of your Father and more useful in His hands.


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