Humbled Heart for Learning

“Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”  Proverbs 12:1

Learning requires submission to instruction.  If I go into a situation thinking I have nothing to learn, more than likely I will leave without having learned a thing.  It takes a humble spirit to admit life holds many lessons yet to be learned.  For those who look at life from this humble state, knowledge abounds from every experience and every interaction encountered.  Life becomes a wonderful hunt for knowledge which is not constrained by a self-fortified resistance to discovering something beyond ones current scope of understanding.  But for those who think they have life all figured out, they choose to live in a constant battle against their inability gain complete understanding of the situations around them.

A story I often share with others in regards to this humble heart mentality was one an up-and-coming Christian comedian shared about what happen the day she met Billy Graham.  This woman was all prepared for meeting this man she so admired and she was very excited about all of the questions she wanted to ask him when they finally met.  Yet, one of the first things Mr. Graham did when he had the ability to take control of the conversation was he handed her his bible and said, “Teach me what God has been teaching you.”  Here was a man known internationally for his ability to teach from the scripture, and yet he understood the importance of a humble heart.  Through just this one request he showed the substance behind the power God had bestowed upon him, the ability to keep a humble heart not only before God but also before his fellow man.

Today as God gives you the ability to be in His Word and interact with other believers, check yourself to see if you are approaching those learning opportunities with a humble heart.  Only in being humble will you gain the lessons you need so that “…[God] may exalt you in due time…” (1 Peter 5:6) and you will have a clear mind and be completely equipped for those things you are called to do to impart that knowledge to the world.


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