Are You Ready for When He Calls?

“God called to him…and he said, ‘Here I am.’  Exodus 3:4

Just yesterday I read the above scripture verse in conjunction with the following message from My Upmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers:

“Be ready for the sudden surprise visits of God.  A ready person never needs to get ready – he is ready.   The burning bush is a symbol of everything that surrounds the person who is ready, and it is on fire with the presence of God Himself. “ 

Little did I know when I woke up and did my usual things that morning, which included reading My Utmost For His Highest, would I be tested on my readiness just a few short hours later.  You see the morning went as it always does, starting with my quiet time, and then continuing on with some indoor chores, home schooling with my kids, lunch, and then outside farm chores.  It was when I got outside that my readiness made the difference between life and death for one of our animals – my new mama sheep.

It all started when I headed out for my normal afternoon chores.  You see, when you drop a snack over the fence for our pasture animals, they leave the grass in the pasture and make a beeline to when I am standing – pumpkin is their favorite.  But yesterday I was not greeted by my usual trio.  Instead I was greeted by my cow and heifer, but the ewe was no were to be seen.  I felt a bit uneasy about not seeing her, so I jumped the fence and went hunting for her - only to find her already in labor.

If I had not prepared the things in the house and in the barn exactly the way God had been leading me to prepare, I know I would have been in a much more panicked state than I was in yesterday.  Dinner was already in the crock pot, snack was ready to go to youth group that night, supplies were in the barn, and a friend who had much more experience as an animal mid-wife was headed over for coffee (which we ended up drinking in the barn as we watched the ewe progress in her labor – I know that is a very funny thought for you city people).

The labor ended up going on longer than both my friend and I felt the ewe and lamb could withstand.  With this being the first lamb for our ewe, and a rather big lamb at that, the next step in the progression of events was for me to help her finish her delivery.  It was then my preparedness kicked into high gear and all of those books I had read about the proper way to aid in delivering an animal needed to be put into practice.  (Yes I have acted as a mid-wife before for our animals, but never did I need to assist in any of their deliveries.)  I was thankful I had been prepared and that the delivery of our beautiful lamb went smoothly.

As I had time to reflect on all of the events of yesterday a question that a friend asked of me a while ago popped into my head.  She had said, “What if I miss what God is doing in my life and I make a choice that is not within His will?”  To that question I responded, “Whenever we are in God’s will (which I knew she was because of the lengthy discussions we had been having) God will make Himself and His ways very clear to us and on top of that He will also work in ways to prepare us not only to hear what He requests of us to do, but also to do – be equipped – to do those exact things He asks of us.”

At times the places God takes us and the things He asks us to do while we seek to stay in His will and follow His ways seem rather unusual.  We do not always understand the meaning behind what we are asked to do because we are unable to see the situation God is preparing us for in the future.  At times God does give us a glimpse or a yearning that moves us in a certain direction, but not until His complete revelation unfolds before us and we are called to a point where we are tested on our readiness do we find the reasoning behind what used to confuse us.

I pray that today you will be willing to trust God where He is leading you, even if you do not understand why you are being asked to do the things He asks you to do.  In the end you will be grateful you did follow His leading because you will be prepared to answer His call, ‘Here I am’, and walk in the way He asks you to walk.


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