An Extended Journey with Peter

I know many of you have enjoyed the study I put up on my blog last Saturday, April 7th, entitled “An Agonizing Journey with Peter".  For that reason, I thought I would blog today the rest of the study (a part which I took out of the middle actually to shorten it into a doable day’s study).  I hope you enjoy this extension. And, may what you learn bring an even greater understanding of what you already started to study last week.

Cross – Reference Study:

Read John 13: 1 – 17 and then work through the questions below

In the first three verses in our reading in John 13, John gives the readers some background information that sets the stage for the scene about to unfold.  What are the 5 things John tells?

 Season (v.1):  ____________________________________________________
Information Jesus had (v.1):  _______________________________________
Time of the day (v.2):  _____________________________________________
Condition of a particular disciple (v.2):  ______________________________
Knowledge Jesus held of the future (v.3):  ____________________________

Before you continue on, take some time to ponder why John decided to add this information to his retelling of this story.  Remember to take into context the entire text from verse 1 through verse 17.

As a side note you may also be interested in learning John’s text is the richest of all the gospel texts in its imagery and connotation but yet within the Greek language also the easiest to read.

 As you continue on in this study stop for a moment at verse 2 and make note of the word “ended.”  The original word written in Greek is “ginŏmai” and can be translated “to cause to be” or “to be brought to pass” and therefore we cannot say one way or the other the timing of this biblical event in relation to the supper.  So, although most texts are written with the former translation that the supper had ended, it was customary at this time for the foot washing to be done by a servant of the house before the start of the supper.  You decide.

 Now the stage has been set and the action begins.  For verses 4 and 5, list the actions Jesus took.

 __________________________ from supper
 __________________________ a towel
 _________________________ Himself
 ______________________  water into a basin
 __________________ to _________________ the disciples feet
 and to ____________________ them with the towel

Not until after all of these actions were recorded did John relate a word spoken by the disciples.  But, speculate with me for a while about what the men may have said amongst themselves or were thinking in their heads as they saw their beloved teacher (who had been proclaimed among them the Son of God) take on the role of the home’s lowest servant.

 In verse 6 we get a glimpse into the mood of the disciples by the words uttered by Simon Peter (referred to as just Peter from here on).  What does Peter say to Jesus?

What response does Jesus give Peter in verse 7?  Reading the verse from Isaiah 55 below (and remembering what you have the foreknowledge of about the journey Peter is to take from here), why do you think Jesus did not go into a long and drawn out explanation of the totality of the lessons Peter needed to learn from this foot washing experience?

“’For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways’, says the Lord.  ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher then your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts’.”  Isaiah 55:8-9


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