Rest in the Presence of God

 “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  Exodus 33:14
This morning as I was wrapping up and writing the conclusion of the talk that I will be presenting at our state home schooling conference a week from today, I was struck by the above verse from my daily readings.  Basically the context of this verse simply puts the entire premise of my talk in the most comforting and concise package imaginable.  The message being, if we stay in the presence of God then rest will be in that place – in all other places which God does not call us to go or which God warns us not to venture there is no rest and that is because it is apart from Him.

For all of us this basic truth about how God gives our souls rest is universal, but this message is all the more necessary for the audience I will be addressing next week, the parents of special needs children.  For these parents they are constantly in a whirlwind and it is all the more likely for them to get side tracked and weary and thus move out of God’s will with no particular intent to move that way.  For these parents keeping a focus on God over the distracting focus that care for their child, possible cures/therapies, and sleep deprived days bring is more difficult than most people can imagine.

If you are coming to the conference and to the special needs pre-conference sessions I look forward to encouraging you there.  If not, and you would like to hear my entire talk or you know of someone who is the parent of a special needs child that could use a bit of encouragement, my talk will be available to download off of the MACHE website after the conference.  You can go to to find it.

I guess the main thought I want to leave you with today is that there is rest to be found for each of us, no matter how difficult to we perceive the circumstances are around us, it is accessible.  This rest though is not accessible to each of us because God will more than likely change our situation when we cry out to Him (although He may) but rather rest is accessible to each of us because God promises it for us when we strive to stay within His presence and make Him Lord of our lives.


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