We Are His Firstfruits

“Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures.”  James 1:18

At first glance I thought I understood the meaning in this verse, but as I read it a second time there were two things which made me second guess if I really knew the true meaning of what the verse had intended to communicate.  The first thing that caught my eye was that the expression “word of truth” was not capitalized, so it didn’t point to Jesus who is sometimes referred to as the Word of God.  Then, the second discrepancy that caught my eye was the connection of the firstfruits being brought forth by God – not a firstfruits offering that we as a people offer God.  A verse, that at first seemed to be easy to interpret, all of a sudden became more mysterious in nature and the curiosity of the moment swept me to dig further into the passage. 

I then went to my Greek word study of the New Testament and looked up the keys words in this verse to see if they could shed anymore light onto the truth James was seeking to convey as he wrote these words.   So here is a summary of that I found:

“of His own” means having a mind which carries out the verb to follow the expression

“begat”  or “brought forth”  means to generate

“word” translates into meaning something said which implies the entirety of the topic, from beginning to end.  (Therefore the “word of truth” would imply the complete revelation of God from beginning to end)

“kind” in this context means a created thing or object

“firstfruits” stands for an object separated out that has precedence over other similar objects

“creatures” has the meaning of original formations

Therefore, in looking again at this verse I found I was right in looking back upon it with some further clarification because what I thought the verse said and what the verse actually said were two different things.  What the verse really boils down to saying is that God’s mind had always been set that He would first regenerate, that is first above anything else in His creation, the ones He set apart to regenerate – us His people.  We were specifically set apart from all of His creation and given positions of priority.

Isn’t that an awesome thought?  When God created everything and knew that everything would be changed by the consequence of sin in the world, that His people would be the first ones set apart above all of the other things He created to be perfected back again to the way He had originally intended them to be.  And even more so, we know that we have the ability to be perfected while we are still living in this world of sin when we abide in perfect unity with Him through the Holy Spirit as a gift we can only receive through His Son, Jesus the Christ.  That is a special designation only we humans who have been set apart to have the ability to tap into.  The rest of God’s creation must wait until the New Earth is established and sin has been completely eliminated from this earth.

I get so excited when I realize that heaven is attainable here on this earth no matter what my eyes are telling my mind contrary to that belief.  As you look upon your day and the lies that the enemy is using to try to keep you from rejoicing in your heighten position in creation, I hope you seek to look beyond those lies and choose instead to see the heaven on earth the Lord has given you the ability to live in through His Son and the Holy Spirit. 

We have been chosen – set apart – perfected.  You are not a victim of your circumstances.  God has already set you apart and He has overcome all there is to overcome.  Triumphant living stands in the wake of believing God will help you prevail in all your circumstances.  All you need to do is believe and stand ready for God to open your eyes and give you victory.


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