Always New and Yet Unchanging

For I am the Lord, I do not change.” Malachi 3:6a

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

As humans we are drawn to change. We seem to almost thrive on the thought of the newest thing just around the corner. We talk about the latest breaking news. We look at the beginning of each season for the new signs that await us from changes in the weather to changes in fashion. We are delighted by new car models and we marvel at the new advances in medicine and science.

What is it about our human nature that does not allow us to live in the present with the utmost satisfaction? Why does our mind desire to skip ahead and be light years away from where we are today? I would venture to guess that it has to do with our likeness to our Father – the One in whose image we were formed. But how does that make sense since we know from the verses above that God “does not change” and that Jesus is always the “same”. Why do we desire change if the One who made us has a nature in complete opposition to change? Is it that our desire for change is ungodly? I do not think so.

Yet, how can we always be desiring what is new and better if we are like God and yet feel compelled to always be different than we are? I think in our human limitedness we really don't desire to always be different more than we yearn to be limitless and to discover the undiscovered. Yes, God does not change but that doesn't mean we as humans have even the remotest capacity of even beginning to understand who He is in His infinite nature. Every day we encounter God, He is fresh and new and yet He has not changed. Each time the Spirit of God leads us to a new understanding of who He is, it does not mean that the understanding God gave us is a new dimension of Himself He just added. No, rather it just means it is a new part of Himself He has allowed us the ability understand about His perpetual and unchanging nature.

If we were to think that every time God has revealed something new about Himself to us that this new revelation is a new facet of Himself He just created, then we are looking at God from our point of view not from His point of view. I once heard a person describe God as a mountain. He said that each of our lives is like a climb to the summit and each person's climb is a navigation up a different route on that mountain. For each of us the different rocks, valleys, meadows, streams, cliffs, and crags are unique and wonderful to behold as parts of the beauty and majesty of the mountain. Yet, has the mountain changed just because two different people see the mountain from two different perspectives? No, the mountain is the same but the view and perspective of what the mountain looks like from each path on the mountain may be completely different.

Discovering who God is is the greatest adventure anyone can embark on because the adventure itself is unbounded. Each day as I sit down to read God's word and I pray and ask Him to teach me, to show Himself to me, to move my thoughts closer to His thoughts, and to set my mind straight for the decisions I will have facing me that day I know that I can trust in His unchangeable nature. And yet, each encounter with Him is the beginning of another day of a great adventure because I always know that I am apt to discover a new understanding of who He is if I take the time to listen and to look around me. I know I need to always be keenly aware of my surroundings because God desires in and through them to fully quench my appetite for the newest part of Him I am bound to find just around the corner – that thing my soul wants so much to discover.

Don't stop climbing. What you are waiting for from God is just around the next bend, but you have to use your spiritual legs to get yourself into to the next place on the path to make that discovery. God has made your path specifically for you and He is delighted about the things He wants to reveal to you about Himself if you make the effort to seek Him and find Him on it.  If you are yearning for change today, a new perspective of who God is will quench your desire beyond your wildest dreams because it was placed there by God to make you search all the more for Him and delight in Him when you make your newest discovery of who He is.  Happy searching and finding!


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