God's Idea of a Blessed Life

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” Psalm 34:8

Trust is the cornerstone of peace. If we cannot trust in what the Lord has shown He has prepared for us then we tend to go off and try to make it happen on our own – take Abraham and Sarah as an example as they were waiting for the child the Lord said would come to them. And trying to make things happen in our own time usually adds obstacles and future problems to the path the Lord has predetermined for us.

A blessed life is more than one filled with material things. In reality the more stuff we acquire, the larger the work load we bring along with it. Living a truly blessed life has more to do with letting go of the material (and non-material) things in our lives. When we have no pressing demands upon us, except for those requirements the Lord sets before us each day to walk out in faith upon and to trust in His perfect will, then we experience a sense of blessedness the world is not accustomed to. This is the blessed life our soul seeks to taste and see because it is a preview of the blessed eternity we will one day live with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Does that mean we do nothing about the situations around us? Does that mean we just say to ourselves and everyone around us, “The Lord will work it out”, and then just sit back with a glass of tea in our hand and wait on God to bring the good life to us? No, we must be obedient in doing what we are called to do and not slack in letting even one thing drop out of our hand which the Lord asks us to do. But, we also must not run before the Lord in our anxious flurry to bring about the work of the Lord by our own hands.

Daily seeking the Lord in prayer, letting the Holy Spirit guide our thoughts and actions, and making a point to let the Lord instruct you in His ways and correct you throughout your day with His truth are good ways to start tasting and seeing God's mighty goodness in your life and the blessed state He desires for you to live in with Him.

The blessed life is ready for each of us to partake in on a daily basis whether or not the blessings God has revealed to us for our future are in our hands yet. Trusting what we can't see, but knowing is yet to come the definition of faith. And through faith we have the ability to share in the life we have seen but not yet realized. Why? Because our God who we put our faith in never fails to bring about what He promises. His perfect character is what we trust and find peace in, and which bring about a blessed life we can experience while we are still separated from Him on this earth.

Heaven on earth is attainable but don't let the blessings of this world distract you from the real blessed life, the real heaven on earth, which is reached only by trust and faith in our Lord.


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