Overcoming the False Judge

Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.  And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” Revelation 12:10-11

I underlined the word “and” above in verse 11 to make a point. These two verses are very clear that not only is it the blood of Jesus that brings the defeat of the one who has been accusing us of our sin from the moment we were born, but also each of our individual testimonies and how we each lived in such a way amidst the accusations thrown at us. We help in the defeat of the great accuser when we prevail by believing on Christ instead of the lies which we are accused of. In my life as a Christian, God has given me many testimonies to add to the defeat of Satan and I look forward to adding them to the arsenal to be targeted at the one who has unlawfully assumed the judgment seat of earth.

I find much comfort in recalling those testimonies and so I thought I would share with you this morning some of the accusations which I have been accused of by this false judge, and how the real judge, Jesus, has given me a testimony for each of them to one day use in playing my part to bring that false judge down in defeat. I pray that through my sharing you too will be encouraged to start writing down your testimonies of defeat and therefore be inspired all the more to live your life in victory over the barrage of false accusations the judge of this world throws at you.

I am not going to list theses testimonies in any order, but rather just as they come to mind:

  • I was accused of being a deserter when I walked away from God and told Him that His ways were foolish and I wanted to live my life finding purpose outside of His rigid demands. And yet, my testimony shows that no matter how far I could stray that my Father in heaven was ready and waiting for me, His beloved daughter, when I came back in shame realizing I had walked away from the One who had defined my purpose before I was even born.
  • I was accused of being hateful, mean, and unloving as I struggled with anger issues towards my children that I could not harness or control. But in spite of my rages, the God who loved me took my heart of stone in His hands and used His word and circumstances in my life to show me the truth behind what was causing my difficulties and bring me to a place where my testimony is a life of peace not only with Him but also with my children.
  • I was accused of being worthless, a nobody who failed at every attempt she made to be perfected in this world and therefore one who did not deserve the right to live anymore. Yet, Jesus showed me who I was in light of His truth and that my failures were only opportunities to help me realize that He is the great perfecter who, in working through my life and washing me clean of my sin, has given me the testimony in which I can say, “I am perfect in the eyes of my Father and my life to Him is worth more than I could ever realize.”
  • I was accused of being heartless for not going through with the adoption of the three foster children we had in our home for 13 months. But God has shown that I never gave up on those children while they were under my charge and His will was for me to only be their mother for the short time they were in my home. In that small amount of time God did many great things in all of our lives and that is a testimony of defeat not one of failure.
  • I was accused of being judgmental and condescending to those the Lord has led me to rebuke with His truth. Yet, God has shown me that my obedience to Him is far more precious than allowing those around me to be comfortable in their sinful ways. My testimony in the Lord has shown that loving God above all things has a price to pay, but that being within the love of God is better than trying to appease fickle and wayward people.
  • I was accused of biting off more than I could chew and finding in the end I did not have the resources to finish the projects I had started. But God has shown me that when He calls me to a work He will supply all I need to finish the job no matter what I perceive that my abilities and talents can accomplish. My testimony in more instances than I can count has shown over and over again that He does supply me with all the resources I need for those projects if I only trust in Him and His strength and power.

I guess I could probably go on all day like this, but you get the point. We have the choice to believe what the false judge of this world condemns us with or to fight back with the truth of the Lord Jesus. We will only overcome and have testimonies to add to the arsenal on that final day of his defeat if we believe on the truth of the gospel, otherwise if we give into the accusations put before us we become prisoners of the bars of condemnation that come with their false verdicts.

I pray today you can start a list of your testimonies and if God reveals some areas in your life which are holding you captive, pray that He will lead you to His truth and help you to overcome those areas so they too will be another testimony for you to add to the pile.


  1. You know, sometimes I think God is directing you to write based on what I need to hear. After making a written list of "lies", I was directed to start finding the truths to combat the lies that the enemy was filling my head with. That was three days ago. It's been a struggle with some of the items on the list, but you've given me courage to fight on and listen harder to the Truth. Blessings.

  2. I can't remember where I read this, but I remember an author once said that God's will among His people is like a mighty river and when we stop digging our own tributaries that lead toward our own outlets and instead jump into the river with faith we will find that everything we do will come together in Him and the ride will be much easier than all of that digging we thought we were supposed to be doing. (Not quite sure how much of that was from what I read and how much was my own, but you get the point.) Glad to be of an encouragement as our lives flow alongside one anothers. - Peggy


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