Questioning All Things For Truth

“The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps.”  Proverbs 14:15

The other morning as our exchange student was leaving for school our oldest son said to her, “Have fun learning everything they tell you.”  She of course smiled and happily skipped out the door with every intention to do just that – believe everything she was being taught in school as completely accurate and legitimate.  Naturally she did not understand the underlying reality my son was referring to, which is reiterated in the Proverb above, because she has never been taught to question but rather just believe and integrate into that belief system what she has been told.  In contrast my children have been taught to question everything.  That is, my children question new ideas until they come to a point where they can prove the idea they have been taught with certain evidence – solid truth.

The interchange between my son and exchange daughter got me to thinking about how often we too as Christians just believe what we are told and do not bother to question it and seek out evidence to prove whether or not what we have been told lines up with biblical truth.  In his book Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby states, “God will never lead you in opposition to His written Word.”  That means if a circumstance in your life is leading you contrary to what the truth of the bible teaches then you should not seek to continue on that path.  It means that if what you are sensing God is leading you to do after you have prayed does not line up with what the bible says is right, then you probably didn’t hear what God was trying to tell you.  Also, if you hear a sermon or read a blog or find some information in a devotional that doesn’t line up with the Word of God, no matter now noteworthy the source it came from, you would be wise not to change your actions to match up with what you just read.

God is truth and He never changes, but since He is living and His Word is living, what He has to say is always applicable to what we are experiencing and struggling with in our lives today.  If you are new to reading the bible and internalizing the truth of it into your life I would recommend finding a mentor who can biblically lead you through your decision making processes.  Having a friend at any stage of your Christian walk who can walk closely with you and who has been given the authority to speak truth into your life is a gift far more precious than any costly gem.  You would be wise to go hunting for that friend in Christ if you don’t already have one.  But if you are blessed already with such a friend, make sure you treasure her and tell her how special she is to you in keeping you on the straight and narrow.

For a Christian, truth is simple to find – it is God’s truth and that alone which we can discover in His Word.  Our minds have been given the ability to question the thoughts of man and it is always wise for us to consider each step put before us against the ultimate truth of God.  May your steps today be taken in wise consideration instead of simply believing all you are told.  It is the path not only to truth, but also the ultimate path to internal peace.


  1. Hello....i really liked ur Blog......ok..let me introduce myself first.....m SHIV from INDIA. aaammm...i would like to acknowledge you to all the 'truths' that The Church had been HIDING for many and many years.
    1. Did you know that Joseph sent JESUS to India and there HE lived for around 18 years..........and there he was taught all that is there in HOLY BIBLE by the GREAT Spiritual Teachers of India. Church hides this FACT to sustain itself.
    2. Do you know the Real Name of GOD?.....Do you want to know?

    ................. Sorry if I have unintentionally hurt to in a way or other..........)) Stay Safe and GOD Bless You.

  2. Shiv - thank you for your kind words about my blog and thanks for visiting. Your words in no way are hurtful to me, but I do question where in the bible you have found your "truths'. For me the bible is the sole source of truth as God has set forth His word, no additions and no exceptions. I know there are many other people and many other religions that do not agree with me, but as God has revealed Himself to me over and over again in very personal and intimate ways I can only attest to the God I know as Jesus, the Great I AM who was and is and is to come. I pray that you may know Him as I know Him and from that knowledge and truth you may be blessed in ways beyond understanding. - Peggy


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