The Victory is Ours

...the ruler of this world...has no power over me...” John 14:30

Last night as I was pulling together some scripture passages for a friend who will be fighting a massive spiritual battle today, my thoughts went back to some really dark times in my life and the lessons God taught me in them about His ability to overcome and the powerless position the forces of evil hold in my life. 

Jesus has the ability to overcome anything, that is anything I am willing to set before Him. Over the years, my experiences of spiritual victory over darkness have shown me there is no limit in God's ability to heal and come forth victorious when I set my mind on trusting Him, believing all He says, and following His orders regarding my role in fighting the battle before me. I just have to be cautious, as we all do, in making sure to leave the rest of the battle that is His to Him.

I have a few verses below that I want you to read. But first, I want to point out an important fact. The fact is this: Each of these verses is in the past tense, meaning the “deliverance from” and the “disarming of” the powers of darkness in this world have already been completed.

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love” Colossians 1:13

Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them” Colossians 2:15

This much we are certain of: The defeat of Satan has already happened and the weapons of evil that are aimed at us are filled with blanks. Satan is the great deceiver and he is skilled at wielding his weapons and making them look as if they are loaded, but they are not. The fear generated by those unloaded weapons has given Satan power over so many people for many centuries. The fear alone of what may come through his weapons of warfare ensure, in most cases, that people will bow to his demands. But as Christians we have the knowledge in Christ regarding these deceptive practices and therefore we should have no fear. We should live victorious in knowing the truth about the uselessness of those weapons.

But then, why do we get intimidated still when we are threatened by the “big guns” our enemy pulls out on us? The reason is this: We fail to trust in the knowledge that Jesus has given us about His defeat and His message that all the bullets have been removed from those "big guns". In the back of our minds we play around with the thoughts like:  “What if not all the bullets were removed?” or “Maybe there was a stash that Jesus missed in His raid on the enemy camp.” We can't have confidence to move forward in battle if we question our General. In order to defeat our enemy we must trust in the intelligence given to us from the most trustworthy commanding officer that has ever walked this planet – Jesus - and His messenger - the Holy Spirit.

The only sure path to victory is complete submission to the One who has spoken in truth that the work of the battle has already been finished. Trust today that victory is yours through Jesus, and do not let those unloaded weapons have any power over you. It is a choice to believe the truth or to believe the empty threat – the choice is yours and it will decide if today you live in victory or in defeat.


  1. There is nothing He is unable to accomplish. Thank you, Peggy, for today's focus on our victorious Lord.

  2. You are so welcome. It was a good reminder for me too. - Peggy


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