A Vision God Sets

Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint.” Proverbs 29:18a

Last night, as I was driving to my first political meeting to announce my candidacy for school board I was praying and asking God what I was to say to all the people who would be attending. The biggest question I have been told that will be asked of me as I run this race is, “Why are you running?” And for the longest time now the only answer I have been able to give to my friends and family is that I know God is calling me to run this race. But alas, that is not an answer that the public at large will understand and therefore the reason I was so fervently praying as I drove on to my meeting last night.

So, since no one else was in the car I started talking. (I think best as I talk out loud and usually the things I can't bring together into my head have a way of coming together when they exit my mouth.) At first the words that came out of my mouth were awkward. I have to say that speaking in the Spirit on spiritual topics is something I have done long enough that I am comfortable with the meter and text (biblical plus experiential) – a comfort mode God has used my voice in for now for over 10 years. But, speaking with the inability to quote scripture and leading an audience to truth through a vision relayed completely through my internal passion (of course provoked by the Spirit) and through my experiences seemed completely unnatural. In the end, God led me to His vision in ways I could express to a more general audience and how through my experience as a home schooler, a state-wide counselor for parents who home schooled their special needs children, my various other leadership roles in the past, and the cyclical pattern He has used in putting me into organizations to stir the pot for His kingdom, I knew I was in the right place to go and do what He was asking me to do and speak for Him on this new platform.

Being a follower of God means allowing Him to lead and be the only revelation as you step into the unknown, no matter how awkward or difficult the road ahead may look or feel as you take steps further and further on the path He has set before you. I know God has reveled many things to me about what grieves His heart over the school system in the United States and although I know I cannot even come close to being a catalyst of change at the national level by holding a position in my local school district, I can still carry out the vision of God in the place He has chosen to lead me. It is that vision – that revelation – that needs to carry me through and lead me as I run my race and, if I am fortunate to win, to also lead me into making decisions on the board which in turn bring that vision to life.

Oswald Chambers is quoted as having said:

An ideal has no moral inspiration; a vision has...But wherever there is a vision, there is also a life of rectitude because the vision imparts moral incentive.”

We live in a world filled with many ideals. I can name quite a few ideals that are held alone in our government, but the problem is they are just ideals. Wayward ideals of man which have been around since the beginning of time. Repackaged and sold as a different products over time with a promise that seeing the ideal from a different light will somehow propagated its realization but in the end these ideals are never realized. The problem is that the ideal in itself has no desire to see a change in the heart of the people it is presented to, only their behavior. And as Christian we all know that the Maker of mankind has made a precedence that change alone happens in the heart of man, all other pursuits are unfruitful and not worth our time in pursuing.

Man must see the depravity of his situation and that is when his heart is ready to receive the vision from the Lord. I have realized that in my campaign I need to carefully, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, lead people through my words to see the depravity and hopeless wandering that the ideals they have clung to in the past is not where the change they desire begins. Rather, when a vision set by the Lord is put before them, through the stories and scenarios God has given me to share, then their hearts will be willing to see the change that needs to happen in them to make a greater change happen in the world around them.

It would be wise to consider what ideals you hold onto that are not part of God's vision for both His kingdom and your life. Make sure to pray for God to reveal those ideals you cling to in your life and for the wisdom to let go of them and hold onto His greater vision instead.


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