Who Does What?

The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to hear as the learned. The Lord God has opened My ear; and I was not rebellious, nor did I turn away...For the Lord God will help Me; therefore I will not be disgraced; therefore I have set My face like a flint, and I know that I will not be ashamed...Who among you fears the Lord? Who obeys the voice of His Servant? Who walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord and rely upon his God.” Isaiah 50:4,5,7,10

I thought I would introduce another way to dissect scripture that you may or may not have used in your study of the bible. I find for myself, this process helps me to distinguish two areas of scripture where roles are intertwined in a series of passages. In the scripture I have used today the two roles are God's and mine. Or more accurately, they describe what God says He will do and what He requires for me to do as a response to His work and in order for Him to work through me.

As you read through each of these scenarios, think about how God has worked in your life in doing the things He says He will do and then reflect on what you can recall your responses were to His work. Did you do what He said you needed to do? Or rather, did you decided to keep the gift He gave you for yourself or did you ignore it and just roll over and go back to sleep?

May the Spirit of God lead you into a greater understanding of how God works through you as you read through the verses above and the table below.

What God does: What my responsibility is:
Gives the tongue of the learned Speak to those who are weary and need to hear the word of the Lord and what He has taught me
Awakens me in the morning Get up
Awakens my ear to hear and opens it to truth Listen and not rebel or turn away from what I hear - do what God asks
He helps me and does not leave me disgraced Set my face like a flint (means to be determined and focused on doing the task set before me without allowing myself to be distracted) and trust in the good outcome of my obedience
He will provide all the light I will need for each step He calls me to take Fear God, obey His voice, trust Him and rely upon Him

It is very convicting isn't it when you come to a place of realizing that God cannot work through us unless we respond to His work in our lives. We sometimes have the false impression that God will just make something happen and then we can just jump in and enjoy work He is already doing. But God is very clear in many places in the scriptures that if we do not respond to His call and His initial work then we will completely miss out on the greater work He desires to do through us.

I pray today you keep your eyes open for those initial works God is doing in your life and that you commit to taking action even before you know what the end result of your obedience will be. As the final verses above say, He will provide the light to continue to lead us as long as we fear Him, obey His voice, trust in Him and rely upon Him. That is a tall order but the product of living in God's light and the fruit produced in us in that environment is beyond compare to anything we could ever manufacture on our own.


  1. Just a thought. Is it that God "cannot" work through us or "will not" work through us? I was under the impression that technically God doesn't need us to accomplish anything, yet chooses to work through us.

  2. Sorry,I should have elaborated on that a bit. I was connecting it at the end with the fruit bearing as the final work. God cannot bring forth fruit in us (I am not talking the works themselves, but rather the work in us - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,self-control) if we are not willing and attached to the vine - that is abiding in Him. Yes, God can do anything He wants with anyone He wants, but He cannot change us (the inner workings of our hearts) without our willingness to go along with His plan and be a willing participant in His work in the world.

    Thanks for pointing out my need to clarify. - Peggy

  3. Then again, I have to think that there is some truth in the way what I originally wrote can be interpreted the other way too. Consider this example:

    Say for instance God wakes you up at 4:30 in the morning (just as He did me this morning) and you chose to roll over and try to go back to sleep until your alarm at 5 (what was just what I did too this morning). And also consider that during that time God really wanted to teach you something that day to not only make you grow in character but to also be equipped to share with another person He knew would cross your path. But, in not being equipped you miss the chance in being able to carry out God's ability to use you in the manner He desired - you did not show your willingness to be part of His plan. (When I think about this it often reminds me of the things I desire to teach my children to prepare them for instances in their lives, and if they don't heed my teaching they too cannot be as effective or useful in their pursuits.)

    I am not sure if my rolling over this morning to get a half and hour of extra sleep had that impact, but it does grieve me a bit to think that I may have lost out on the ability to not only be part of a work God wanted to do through me, but I am even more so grieved that a work He desired to do in me was something I failed to also be part of.

  4. I really like the little chart you made to help make it all clear.

    You use appropriate visuals to go along with your writing. Do you have to spend a lot of time searching for them?

    The application is so important, to not just read or hear the word but to do it as the verse says in James. I did one Bible study that was showing me areas that I need to change, but sometimes it seems overwhelming to try to change so much at once. How do you decide what is the priority to work on first?
    I have felt that trust is a big thing to work on this year. Each year seems to present an area to focus on. Do you have a similar yearly focus?

  5. I just realized that I asked too many questions in that comment. Did not mean to overwhelm you! I just don't have many people with whom I discuss spiritual matters and you seem so knowledgable. Thanks for any answers you give, but please ignore any questions that seem too much. Thanks & Blessings, Janice

  6. Janice,

    No problem. I have a few minutes while I am waiting for my cheese curds to settle before cooking them down.

    Visuals - yet at times, but I am such a visual thinker that the pictures are part of the worship I put into each of my blogs. The toughest ones though as the ones where I want to depict evil but don't really want to wade through some of the imagery that type of search brings up. But God is so good - I just pray and He provides me with the specific search criteria

    As for what to change when - you can read my blog dated March 11 titled: "Blue Tassles" and that will answer your question

    Feel free to ask away. God has graced me with a heart that loves to give godly counsel and seems to never grow weary in listening and/or providing a word of encouragement.

    Blessings - Peggy

  7. Thank you, Peggy. I read the blog post on Blue Tassels and it was indeed helpful. You are doing a good job with your choice of discipline this year.

    I have been working on diet and exercise this year and did lose enough weight to have my A1C number (an indicator for diabetes) go down to a normal range (hooray!!) but with the stress of tax season I did not sustain the strictness that was leading to loss of weight. I have maintained what I did lose. Now I need to get back on track with the formal diet plan which really does work. My husband lost a few pounds also. It takes a lot of time and effort to precisely do the diet and then I don't have time for other changes I would like to make. Just more to pray about!

    Blessings, Janice

  8. Weight loss is a tough mountain to climb. I know God has given me just a taste of what a battle it can be to take off just a few pounds, especially after having each of my kids, to give me compassion on those who have great struggles in that area. May God provide you strength and fortitude to keep on the plan and make you body the most fit tabernacle for His Spirit. - Peggy


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