A House Built on Wisdom

Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3-4

Many years ago I heard a speaker read from a small devotional book in which it related the heart to a house. I don't remember a lot of what she read, but the booked popped into my memory as I read the above verse. Relating our hearts to homes is one thing, but what about our entire lives? I feel the verses from Proverbs stretch the application of the devotional book I heard read so many years ago into relating far beyond the heart and that is why I want to dig into the Hebrew text of this passage to see what else God has to say to increase my understanding to apply God's word to more of my life, and hopefully you will enjoy joining me on this little dig.

Here are the key words from the passage above, some with their Hebrew translations and others with just general definitions since the words were translated identically and I wanted to see what greater depth our English definitions may add to the words:

Hebrew definitions
wisdom (choknmāh) – meaning positive experiential wisdom which is gained from the entirety of human experience.

house (bayith) – meaning a dwelling place inhabited by humans, not necessarily a particular kind of structure but rather the walls which create a dwelling

built (bânâh) – to make a structure from start or repair or add onto an already existing structure

understanding (tͤvūnāh) - insight used with discretion as a faculty of wisdom

established (kūn) - to stand firm and be fixed to the point that it is no longer changeable into a form than what is already is

knowledge (da'ath) – personal, technical know-how that is gained through the senses and used with cunning discernment

filled (mālē) - completely filled to the point that it is finished being filled

General definitions
precious – of great value, esteemed or cherished

pleasant – having qualities that invoke pleasure

riches – wealth, not lacking in any way

So, let's now put that all together again and see how God opens our eyes as we look at these verses from a more well rounded perspective:

“Through the entirety of our human experience, where we see things working for the good of those who love the Lord, the place in which we establish to spiritually dwell is made one block at a time, and by choosing wisely where each of those blocks are placed, the final house created becomes a structure that is so strong it cannot be changed or destroyed; additionally within the walls of this dwelling resides a person who has gained much technical discernment in wielding wisdom through the building process, either by choosing to be active or inactive, and from the wise discerning choices this person makes he/she fills the rooms to their limits with cherished and pleasurable riches from the Lord.”

Don't you want to be a woman like that? I know I sure do. To have rooms within my spiritual life filled to the brim with the riches of the Lord. And, to have walls that hold those riches in so well that there is no worry losing those riches.

I pray today that I will heed the Word of the Lord and His wisdom so I can at least lay one more brick to the house He desires to establish in my life and fill at His discretion. The riches are always a blessings, but the house to store them is of even greater value. Choosing to see all that God allows in our lives, for good from His perspective, as building blocks of His knowledge and wisdom is the way we get started on the right track to being great builders and rich heirs of the kingdom.

Will you join me in not letting this day get away from becoming one more day to getting closer to either of those titles? I pray you will.


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