Loving to Do

If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.” John 15:10 
When my daughter Maggie was much younger, she came up to me one day, and out of the blue she said “Mommy, I love doing what you want me to do.” What a delight that was to hear as a parent! A child who loved to do what you wanted her to do! As I look at the verse above, I am in awe as to how similar the statement my daughter uttered is what Jesus is wanting for us to utter to Him.

The instructions I give to all of my children I know full well have come out of the love I have for them to do the right thing. I desire for each of them to have lives filled with memories of wise choices and where those choices have led them. I of course also give them those instructions because I want to steer them away from failure so they will run the race of life well and strong in the Lord.

Out of my love for my children I give them instructions. And, out of their love for the me they often times obey and do what they are asked even if they do not understand the reasoning behind the request – it has more to do with relationship than the actual act itself.

In the same way, Jesus wants this exact same relationship with each of us and the exact same response to Him as my daughter gave to me. The commands Jesus gives us are not meant to inhibit us, but rather to direct us on the path of righteousness. Jesus also desires for us to say to Him “I love doing what you want me to do”, because what He asks of each of us is not only for the best of His purposes, but it also in our best interest.

But, Jesus doesn't just leave His instructions with His command towards us, no instead He also points to the example He has given us on how He was lived under the instructions of His Father. In the second half of verse 10, the word “kept” in Greek is in the perfect tense meaning that it was a complete and perfect form of the word. Jesus perfectly obeyed all God asked of Him – What an example to point toward! Jesus did everything the Father had instructed Him to do!

Jesus knew the love God had for Him, and that the instructions of the Father were made out of the purest form of love possible towards Him. Jesus loved doing what the Father asked of Him, not just because the Father gave great instructions, but rather because of a deeper hold the Father had on the heart of Jesus.  Their relationship is the epitome of what a perfect mutual loving and obedient relationship is and what needs to be seen in a world that does not understand perfect love in action.

Today I want to say to Jesus “I love doing what you want me to do!”, not just to make myself feel better about how I am living before God. Rather, I want to say to Jesus, “I love doing what you want me to do!”, because when I consider the great love I have for Him, there should be no desire within me to do anything else.


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