A Sabbath to Celebrate

It shall be to you a sabbath of solemn rest, and you shall afflict your souls...you shall celebrate your sabbath.” Leviticus 23:32

Today was a very different sabbath for our family – it was a day of sheer celebration. Today was the beginning of our daughter Maggie's 24-hour princess birthday celebration which descended upon our home this afternoon. Fortunately for me this feast of sorts will not go on for days un-end, but rather will conclude tomorrow afternoon. For now all the little princesses are resting and I am trying to catch up with all I have to get done before tomorrow.

I have to think that the wonderful celebration these girls are having in our home today and tomorrow – the fun, the games, and the delicious food – are just a foretaste of what heaven holds in store for all who will enter its eternal gates. In kind, I believe each sabbath here on earth only prepares our hearts all the more for that ultimate celebration we will one day be part of, the feast of the King of Kings. Because what kind of host makes his/her guests prepare and work for the party they are invited to? None, and all the more with God being the perfect host, absolutely none.

As I continue to prepare for the conclusion of our celebration tomorrow I look forward to the joy with which the girls will continue their celebration. I know as I think about what God has taught me about the sabbath and about the need to celebrate, I will all the more desire to be the perfect host and all the more desire these girls gain a taste of what type of celebration God has waiting for them when they place all their trust in Jesus Christ.


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