Angels of Protection

For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

Last night I had a rather frightening drive home with my boys after youth group. The church leaders had looked outside after the meeting and saw the extreme lightening happening in the sky to the west (the direction of our house) and sent the kids home a bit early. I asked my 15 year-old, who now has a driver's permit, if he wanted to drive with all hopes that he would say no. After a quick look at the sky, he told me that he would rather not. What a relief!

Most of the 16 mile drive home was just as it always is on Wednesday nights for us, but of course the sky before us was anything but normal. The lightening show we were given was both spectacular and looming at the same time. I found myself looking at the sky and just waiting for the worst to hit us as we neared the storm.

Then about 6 miles from our home, we hit the storm and my high profile vehicle started moving sideways while I was still driving forward. We drove into the downtown area of our small town and felt the shelter of the buildings and trees, but then headed straight out of town for our 5 mile trek in the country to our farm. It was at the point we left town that the storm showed itself to us in all its glory and I could barely keep the truck on the road let alone see the road because the rain was blowing so hard and quick that it completely blocked any sight of the highway lines. I was now extremely thankful that my son was not driving and I was, but still with all my years and experience with driving in Minnesota weather, I was a bit shaken. I found myself driving along slowly and praying for God to surround our vehicle with His angels and bring us home safely so we could continue on the path He set before us without any setbacks or obstacles that this storm might bring out in that manner.

Have you ever found yourself praying for the Lord to dispatch His angels in your time of need? I seem to have many driving instances in which I have prayed for His angels to keep me in the ways He has shown me – to continue my path and not allow whatever is before me to be a stumbling block or hindrance in His work. But, praying for God to dispatch His angels or power to save us is not reserved for our need to be protected while we are driving, like it is some type of airbag or seat belt of heaven. No, God dispatches His angels to do many works within the heavenly and earthly realms which allow His people to continue the work He has put before them.

Today again I want to let you read anther excerpt from 2 Chronicles regarding King Hezekiah and how the angels of the Lord helped continue the work the Lord had set before them. I find it very encouraging that God not only protected His people in this instance, but He also completely removed the threat that they were up against. When we can only see a small part of a threat before us, our all encompassing God is able to see the whole threat and then also deliver us from it completely.

And [the servants of the king of Assyria] spoke against the God of Jerusalem, as against the gods of the people of the earth—the work of men’s hands. Now because of this King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah, the son of Amoz, prayed and cried out to heaven. Then the Lord sent an angel who cut down every mighty man of valor, leader, and captain in the camp of the king of Assyria. So he returned shamefaced to his own land. And when he had gone into the temple of his god, some of his own offspring struck him down with the sword there. Thus the Lord saved Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the hand of Sennacherib the king of Assyria, and from the hand of all others, and guided them on every side.” 2 Chronicles 32:19-22

Well, the rest of my drive was not completely removed from the storm, but the worst of the driving took place within a short 2 mile span and then the rain lessened and the wind calmed. Only later this morning did I hear that this same storm as it moved to the south and the east tore off complete sides of outbuildings in other farming communities – the Lord had protected not only us in the instance I was praying to Him, but He also protected our farm and those things that were also threatened which were not even on my mind.

I do some day look forward to being able to meet these heavenly beings that have delivered me through more trials than I surely know about. What stories they will have to tell in heaven. And, I know that with each story they tell, how much more grateful will I be as I learn how God had so uniquely and wonderfully stretched His arm of protection out for me so that He could accomplish His plans through my life and other fellow believers.


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