Speaking Out

For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your bondservants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

In thinking about an interesting event I had happen to me yesterday and in thinking about another interesting activity I have set before me tomorrow, I have been thinking a lot about how much an impact the little moments God gives me to speak each day give me an opportunity again to share with the world my love for Him.  I guess that is why the verse above caught my attention and I knew that He had given me something to share in line with the truth that Paul was talking about here - being bold for Jesus even if how He calls us to be bold and speak out for Him will seem strange not only to those on the outside but also to those of us who speak the words from our mouths.

Yesterday, as my daughter and I were out going door-to-door for my campaign we came to one house in particular where we stayed a bit longer than the rest. At this particular house there was a woman who not only was interested in my campaign but more so was interested in my company. As she shared with me what was going on in her life I was more than happy to listen. At the end of our conversation I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me to ask her if I could pray for her and her son whom she had shared concerns about. The woman was very receptive to my offer and so I prayed right there with her. Definitely not a strategic political move, but one that reminded me again that I am not out to win this race for myself – I am running in this race because this is where Jesus has told me He wants me to be to serve Him and in serving Him I need to follow His lead and speak (and pray) boldly when He asks. 

And then there is tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow's opportunity to speak boldly for the Lord is in a 5-minute open mic interview I have on the cable station for my campaign. The Lord has basically led me in writing the talk to cover all of the things He has orchestrated in my life to prepare me for this next step – all of my accreditations but even more important my experiences. I know that whatever comes out of my mouth needs to be bathed in prayer and so I have many people praying for me tomorrow. I hope if you feel led you will also pray for me at 2pm (Central Time) if you feel led by the Holy Spirit to do so ahead of time or during the actual interview. Again, I am reminded of who has me in this race and who has called me to such a time as this.

In leaning on God I find rest and in allowing my lips to be used by Him to proclaim truth, and in doing so I cannot go wrong. Staying obedient within the will of God each day requires me to open my mouth and proclaim Him and Him alone. The results I just need to leave up to Him also and in doing that the peace of the Lord follow every word He calls to proceed from my mouth for His glory.


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