Believing God

Do you believe this?” John 1:26b

Last night as a few women hung around after a meeting, one of the ladies asked within our intimate group, “How do I know if a call is really from the Lord and then know when that call is over?” As I took in the conversation and listened to how the other ladies of the group responded to her question, I thought it was interesting that the stories they shared of God's call in their lives and His release from those calls, over the time that they had chosen to live for the Lord, were all very similar in nature – they focused around the peace of God and not the understanding given to them from the Lord at the beginning, during the length of the call, or at the end.

To God, the details of who, what, where, when, why, and how are not as important as the detail of “do”, “Do you believe this?” and I would add, “Do you trust Me?” The particulars of how God puts a call into our lives does not matter. But what does matter is that we confirm the call we have heard from the Lord and then we commit to doing what He has asked and submit to that call for the duration that His peace presides over that calling.

I love how Oswald Chambers put this line of thinking in his devotion for this morning in My Utmost for His Highest:

To believe is to commit. In the programme of mental belief I commit myself, and abandon all that is not related to that commitment. In personal belief I commit myself morally to this way of confidence and refuse to compromise with any other; and in particular belief I commit myself spiritually to Jesus Christ, and determine in that thing to be determined by the Lord alone. When I stand face to face with Jesus Christ and He says to me – 'Believest thou this?' I will find that faith is as natural as breathing, and I am staggered that I was so stupid as not to trust Him before.” Oswald Chambers

Looking “stupid” as I stand face to face with Jesus is not a feeling I seek to have when I spend intimate time with Him. Yet, many times I have to admit I have found myself in that very humbling spot. To not be left wanting though, I need to be willing to confirm a commitment to the Lord no matter what He asks f me oand no matter now long He asks me to stay there.

A commitment to a call from the Lord means to determined in my mind believe right away, to not step back and decide for a moment if I am really willing to pay the price of my obedience (what it will seemingly cost me), and to not try and reason my way into a better way to accomplish the call I see coming my way. Rather, a commitment to a call from the Lord means I need to just believe, trust, and follow Him knowing that the path the Lord has asked me to walk is the path of peace – His perfect way that will not fail like all the other plans that I could try and conjure up on my own.

Today, as I wait on the results of the votes cast for a race I entered and ran with diligence as I know the Lord instructed me, I have committed in my heart follow wherever these results will lead me. Whether in bearing the weight of holding a public office because that is where God has allowed me to serve Him or in walking away from this tiring time, knowing that all my family and I have endured these past few months was not in vain – it all had a greater purpose we are yet to see the fruit from. As I take a step back today to reflect on my own particular calling,  I know in hindsight the thought that has driven me to this point is this:  I would much rather look stupid in the eyes of the world than in the eyes of my Savior. What about you?


  1. I'm thankful you now have your answer and the peace of knowing you followed God's call wholeheartedly. It's true, you won't know the REAL results until much later. May you find some much needed rest in the weeks ahead. It will make your normal feel relaxing. ;-) Love to you!

  2. So true Tracy. I have so enjoyed just the normal tasks of cooking, cleaning, teaching my kids, and doing things around the farm. It is a great release and for now I am determined to pursue this joyous rest with everything in me because history has proven in my life that God will not allow this rest to go any longer than I need it. But, to that I am thankful too - to be able to serve Jesus as He calls and equips. God's love upon you dear friend. - Peggy


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