God's Goodness, Our Sinfulness

This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.” 1 Timothy 1:15

 As I see it, there are two natural human ways of dealing with our sinful nature – we see them everywhere we look in our ungodly society. The first natural way a person may deal with sin, is to continually live in remorse and regret over the things they do, say, and think against their own conscience. The second natural way a person may deal with sin is to justify it and try to find peace in living with it and making it part of his/her framework of life. Both ways though never allow the sin to depart from the person. Instead, our human ways of dealing with sin either pile them upon our backs and we are left to carry their ever increasing load from one place in our life to the next, or we find our excuses and rationalizations over the sins in our past start to cramp any means to achieving peace in our life, there are just too many road blocks we have set up in creating our own moral code within the limitations we have constructed through our personal justifications.

But thankfully, God in His goodness, gives us a third option on how to deal with our sin nature – the cross. It is at the cross we can leave our burdens, we no longer have to carry them or make them part of our justifications for living. At the cross we find freedom to move past those things we by nature do and yet do not want to become prisoners of. Jesus alone in His goodness towards us allows us to have this third option.

As I was reading through AW Tozer's book, The Attributes of God, again this morning, I really enjoyed the many ways he described the goodness of God. But, the most compelling part of the chapter I found was the part which talked about God's goodness towards our continuous sinful nature and how through His goodness, God wants us to be able to turn our once burdened sinful hearts into free and light hearts that can worship Him endlessly for performing in our lives that which we could not perform on our own - a release from sin.

Sometimes in my private prayers I've gone to God with thoughts that I hesitate to mention, but I'm going to mention this one. Only last Friday I said to God in prayer: 'I'm glad I sinned, God; I'm glad I sinned, for Thou didst come to save the sinner.'

I'm not a good man...By nature I come that way...I can't go to God and say,
God, I didn't do what that fellow did.' I've done everything – either in actuality or in through – that could be done. The devil himself couldn't have thought of anything that I haven't thought of in my lifetime...

If a doctor saves a man who has only a runny nose, he wouldn't write a book about it. He didn't do much...[so too if God didn't do much in my life there would not be much to worship Him or praise Him over]...He 'saved a wretch like me,' He 'turned all our blame into endless worship.'..And worthy is the goodness of God that out of His infinite kindness, His unchanging, perfect lovingkindness, He made made amends for us, 'full, fair, and many,' turning all our sin into endless worship.” AW Tozer

It is easy to go back to our natural ways of seeing our sinfulness and thus turn our backs on God's goodness. But, resorting to our natural responses over tripping into another pit we didn't have the foresight to see, will not allow us to live a life that keeps us in constant worship of God. God does not want to see us live in that manner and we should not want it either. 

Make it a point to ask yourself today, "Is there a sin I have committed, either long ago or recent, that I have not been able to leave at the cross?" If your answer is yes, then that sin is standing between you and your perfect worship of Jesus.  Continuing to live in this manner is not what He desires for you and it should not be what you desire for yourself either if you truly want to live for your Lord in the perfect freedom of goodness He offers.


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