Jesus is Always the Same

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Change is a constant in our world. Yesterday I woke up and the ground outside our house was pretty bare and the wind was mild. Today, I woke to an entirely different scene. This morning the ground is covered in a blanket of snow, and more is still falling rapidly. On top of that, the winds have started blowing in tremendous gusts – not a safe thing when you consider the drifting that has already begun, here in the country where there is nothing to stop all of the wind from depositing the snow where it wills.

But, weather is just one of the constantly changing things in our world which affects us every day. People change, circumstances change – just spend a little time watching the news or reading some history and you will find that the only thing constant in this world is change. And, for those who only have the things of this world holding their beliefs, emotions, and relationships together, they are on a constant search for something they will never find in the places they are looking. They are people running in circles, searching for something stable to rest on that they will never find, because Jesus alone is the One stable resting place.

As Christians we can look to our world and see change, but because we have fixed in our eyes on our Savior, who does not change, we can still rest and find peace in a world that is constantly whirling out of control. The consistency of God, which we find in all three members of the trinity, is the attribute of God we are focusing on today as we continue following AW Tozer through his book, The Attributes of God. This morning I picked an excerpt from the book that focuses on Jesus in particular and the visible characteristics He showed while He lived in human form and what His actions then, because of His immutable nature always, mean to us still today.

There is a real sense in which nobody knows rest of the mind or heart until they find it in Jesus Christ our Lord...And you'll find Him yesterday and today and forever the same...If you turn to Him for clearer light, you'll find the same Jesus as when He gave the blind their sight – the very same Jesus. He'll feed you as He fed the multitude, He'll calm you as He calmed the sea. He'll bless you as He blessed the children. He'll forgive you as He forgave the woman that fell at His feet in her shame. He'll give you eternal life as He gave eternal life to His people. He'll wash you as He washed their feet, back there. He's the same! The God we preach is the same God, unchanging and unchangeable, forever and ever.” AW Tozer

The only thing this earth has ever held that was constant, was the nature of Jesus. The rest of the things around us are fleeting and changing every moment of every day. When we start to rest our hopes and dreams on anything else than Jesus Himself we should know that we are in for a not-so-pleasant surprise when that thing we put our hope in changes beneath us and brings us down to our knees once again before the throne of Christ. We must remember that everything outside of Jesus is shifting sand beneath our feet and not a solid foundation on which we should build our lives or even rest our hopes and dreams upon.

As you take time today to reflect on where your feet are planted in the shadow of our immutable Savior, remember that your efforts need to be grounded in Him alone and nothing else. Take time that is set apart from the world to just focus on Jesus and that is where you will find rest in His immutable nature and the only secure and solid footing in this ever changing world.


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