The Immensity of God

They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” John 17:16

Well, we are back to a school day, and therefore back to AW Tozer's writings about The Attributes of God. Today the focus attribute is God's immensity. Truly the expanse of God is an awesome thing, but to think of how the expanse of who He is to each of us is an even more profound thing to think upon. Have you ever considered all that God is and is about within the tiny context of your own life? To God all that we are and all that troubles us from day to day is just a grain of sand within the immensity of all that He controls and in all that He about.

It is so easy to forget that God is as large and encompassing as He really is because of how small and finite we are. If we tend to focus on what we encounter each day from the perspective of who we are and what we are about, we are bound to get lost in the things of this world, which Jesus stated above is not what we as believers are to be about. We are to be about the same business as that which Jesus was about while He lived here on earth – His Father's business.

My quote from Tozer today is in line with our forgetful nature about who we need to focus on to keep ourselves about the business of our Father over the business of the world. As you read the following quote, try to think of the greatest “plus God” area which pulls your heart away from the immense satisfaction only God alone can provide for you.

We know that God is so vast...And yet we're not happy people because we've got our minds set on things. We beautify things and put our confidence in things and God. We have our job and God; we have our husband and God; we have our strong body and God; we have our good job and God; we have our home and God. We have our ambition for the future and God, and so we put God as a plus sign after something else...Our problem is that we are putting our confidence in things and not in God...You're made in the image of God, and nothing short of God will satisfy soon as I set my hopes and comforts upon things and people I'll lose something out of my heart.” AW Tozer (Underlined by me for emphasis.)

It is our human nature to trust in what we can see, what we can touch, what we can smell, and what we can use to satisfy our own pig-headed desires. But, in trusting in these things AND God, we are really just trusting in them and lying about the God part. Our heart is deceitful above all things and trusting in what our heart tells our minds that we can acquire satisfaction from.  And then, we ultimately act towards the end of wanting to fulfill the greatest need we have in our life, fulfillment of who we were made to be and what we were created to be on this earth, but unfortunately in the mislead direction our heart takes us on which does not lead us towards trusting in God. 

Thankfully, God in His immensity is greater than our heart and His wisdom is beyond all knowledge we can conjure up in our own minds. The following scripture tells us that our hearts can condemn us, but also that God has the ability to take us beyond the condemnation of our own hearts and push us into a confidence we can only find in Him.

...God is greater than our heart, and knows all things...if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence toward God. And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.” 1 John 3:20-22

It is then, within this confidence in God alone, that we receive all our hearts are really longing for and at the same time we can be confident that God will not lead us astray or out of the will He has set before us - that is our life in Him, that will bring us the fulfillment we are truly seeking.


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